Case Design and Manufacture

Case Design

Benchmark cases specialises in manufacturing bespoke crates and cases that ensure maximum protection during the shipment of your goods. From simple wooden pallets and crates to fully customised exhibition cases, with our comprehensive range of materials we can provide this in the highest of qualities, no matter what the size.

Using our 30+ years experience in design and manufacturing, our fully trained and knowledgeable team design and build cases for anything from large industrial machinery, complex flight simulators to valuable fine art. Benchmark Cases has the expertise and skills to make cases exactly to your specification to ensure all your requirements are met.

We are a member of the UK Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme and have been approved by the Forestry Commission to provide ISPM 15. This means all of our products are compliant with international standards, and are suitable for use worldwide. Certificate available on request.


Design Consultancy

We are able to reduce the cost and stress of shipping your goods, from the initial brief to final delivery. Our experts will be at hand to work closely with you throughout the whole process of case design, ensuring the safest and most economical solutions are utilised.

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Call us on 01732 864568 for assistance, and allow us to relieve the stresses of your shipment


Cases For All Shipping Requirements

At Benchmark Cases we have a full range of case types, all custom designed and manufactured in-house to your specific requirements, for domestic and international shipping, be it by road, sea or air.

  Exhibition Cases

  Reusable Cases

  Softwood and Plywood Cases

  Softwood Machine Bases

  Wooden Crates

  ISPM-15 pallets

  Picture Cases

  Softwood BER